why cant we shoom 2getha

a few weeks bac i went 2 interview jenni rampling 4 mi book “88 – the untold story of a revolution.” i was thrilled when jenni said shed meet with me – she hasnt given an interview in 20 years. 


jenni & danny 2getha ran shoom from 87 to 90. shoom was arguably the seminal acid house club. i wasnt goin2 include it in detail in mi book cos i felt it had already been covered. but so many of mi interviewees wanted 2 talk abt it, i had 2 put it in.


clubland is such a male dominated industry & i feel strongly that it was jenni’s input that went a big way 2 making shoom so special.


i found jenni 2 b a warm, humble & generous person. while danny gets all the glory, jenni is a mum & a special needs teacher these days.

dsc08022i was very grateful 2 get 2 meet her, & feel its fitting that its her story that goes in2 mi book. hers is typical of the untold stories i love 2 tell – people who do things 4 love, people who hava belief & a vision, r usually not the ones with the ego-drive and self-centred motivation 2 get noticed in this world. but they r the real people building our culture, even if they rnt shouting abt it.

it was also delightful 2 meet the gorgeous ms geary, a genius in her own right


& massive thanks 2 the fantastic fiona 4 orchestrating it all.



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