kate magic, the raw food coach

how 2 make flax crackers

notice that the first rule of flax crackers is 2 soak ur flax.

2 cups flaxseeds in 1 litre of water for 4-8 hours.


u can make just abt any flavour u can imagine with flax crackers.

one of our favrites is purple corn & cranberries.

stir in 2 tsp purple corn, 1 cup dried cranberries.


spread the mixture on ur dehydrator trays. it will make 2 1/2 trays.

notice that this is very easy.


notice that i do not straighten the edges, nature abhors a straight line.

dehdydrate 4 8 hours, then score, flip & dry another 4-8 hrs on the other side.


i believe flax 2 b one of the most essential foods. we eat flax crackers every day.


reuben often has them 4 breakfast. i like savoury ones topped with tahini & alfalfa.


& we all like them as a snack topped with chocolate spread.



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9 Responses to “kate magic, the raw food coach”

  1. Shakaya Breeze Says:

    you make everything fun and easy-peasy! we love flaxers too, but I am not fond of the cleanup after with the dehydrator sheets and edges…have you ever tried using juice pulp and adding it to your flax- I love to do do that and they taste so light and wonderful xox

  2. Shazzie Says:

    too much to say on this matter, suffice to say i will just beam at u instead. xxxx

  3. Nathalie Lussier Says:

    Wow what a great recipe. I’ve made flax crackers before, but never with purple corn. I will be busting out my dehydrator and whipping up some of these good boys. (As opposed to bad boys, because they are actually good for us, yay!)

    I love your hair, Kate! šŸ™‚

  4. Leelee Says:

    Looks yummy & I freakin’ LOVE your t-shirt!!

  5. Loris Says:

    Oh Thanx nice and simple! Great 2 get new ideas.

  6. Stacey Says:

    I love you Kate! I’m going to try these!!

  7. chris Says:

    would u save some 4 me, i’ll be there friday ?

  8. Donna | The Healthy Eating Site Says:

    Wow, great color! I love cranberries, but I’ve not tried them in flax crackers before. I definitely will now. Found your recipe because I was looking for raw recipes using purple corn flour. I can’t wait to try these now. Thanks for the tip too about soaking the flax. The flax cracker recipes I’ve tried so far use ground flaxseed, rather than whole soaked ones. But I find that to often be a bit heavy, so I’m looking forward to trying them this way.

  9. lovemagick Says:

    hi donna, yes flax is MUCH better soaked. btw purple corn flour is different from the purple corn extract powder that i use. the flour wont give u that bright purple colour or the same fruity flavour. have fun! xx

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