the ecstatic revolution

 on our mission 2 ecstasise the nation


queen xacacao & i entertained a beautiful crowd at the brighton vegan fayre


we share the belief that we create our own reality, so we have the power 2 create heaven on earth, if we cld all just wake up & empower ourselves 2 bcum the superheroes we R destined  2 B


we believe raw foods & superfoods R a vital key in unlocking our superhuman powers, but there R many other factors involved in ecstasing our lives.


we R writing a book 2gether abt the way we live – it is called Ecstatic Beings – & it is impossible 2 define bcos that is how we like it


there is so much awful stuff that goes on in our world, but we dont believe in giving it energy.there is always something u can do 2 make it better, there is always a positive 2 focus on. there R 2 channels, & u can always choose which one u R tuning in2, fear or love.


people easily dismiss me bcos i wear pink frilly knickers & like rainbows & unicorns, but that allows me 2 continue on mi mission undetected. 


ima talkin bout a revolution




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2 Responses to “the ecstatic revolution”

  1. jana Says:

    I love your dress Kate; you look really pretty (even with the tatoos, which are not traditionally considered pretty) 🙂 . I like your msg too – very simply: one can choose which path to give energy: love or fear. I have a tendency to make everything complicated, so this was very helpful! I can choose love of fear! Simple huh?

  2. misschampion Says:

    Wow you both looked wicked!! 🙂
    PLEASE, please could you try and put up a video of your talk on youtube, i well want to see it!!!!! x

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