reasons 2 love brighton, part 3

….the seafront sunset sungazing



…..the ecstatic homeless guy, jim


he busks with a ghetto blaster & airplays on a childs guitar with no strings


he is usually found with battery supply, roll-ups and alcohol beverages, grinning merrily & playing his music very loud


….i love that it is guaranteed i cannot leave home without  bumping in2 more than one lovely person 2 stop & have a quick chat with.


the beautiful cherry with james. 


perhaps what sums brighton up best is the tibetan monk who stands outside the sex shop.



or maybe it’s just the light.






4 Responses to “reasons 2 love brighton, part 3”

  1. Shakaya Breeze Says:

    wow that was a trip! gotta love Jim and the monk! interesting characters…xo

  2. cherrygemma Says:

    awww thats lovely:)
    i love reading your blog!
    x x x

  3. steph granshaw Says:

    ahhh! thanks Kate…hopefully i’ll be back for a visit in 2010, would love to hook up with you and Rochelle…nice arse by the way!! XX

  4. cJITi:BOy- Says:


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