the youth of 2day

i just uploaded the whole album of kidz rave pictures 2 facebook.

here R sum of mi favrites.


thats me djing


raise ur hands if U understand




mi angel


the breakdancing ballerina


such a good look


ethan also sporting a good look


U can download mi kidz rave mix here.

its perfect 4 parties where kidz or adults have had 2 many smarties.


whats my name (horses without heads)

ali baba (john holt)

consider urself (oliver!)

its oh so quiet (bjork)

i wanna b like U (jungle book)

pocket calculator (kraftwerk)

magic number (de la soul)

overnight (hudson mohawke)

f***ing formula (dorian concept)

oom pa pa (oliver!)

mom & daddy (trash fashion)

bare necessities (jungle book)

19/2000 (gorillaz)

2moro (annie)

next ones in may, i wont B there but it will b ace. i wanna tour kidz rave! send us a msg if ud like 2 c one coming 2 a club near U & i will harass red.


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2 Responses to “the youth of 2day”

  1. Ana Says:

    … You are the best DJ ever, I loooove the Pink Hair! : )

  2. Ana Says:

    … trying to get my computer to play your mp3 Kidz Rave… doesn’t seem to want ta! : (

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