welcum 2 ur new addiction

we R now selling kelp noodles in the UK!


They R raw noodles made only from seaweed.

U hav2 rinse them well or they taste weird.


Then i marinade them in tamari & olive oil.


Here is Reuben enjoying his. He had them with dulse & a raw tomato sauce.



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6 Responses to “welcum 2 ur new addiction”

  1. staci Says:

    will you be my mum??

  2. jana Says:


  3. Ana Says:

    Oh, really? I had been checking online for these for ages!
    will try to order them when I’m back.yay!
    and if you can think of exciting new recipes to be made with them, please Share Kate! 🙂 xx

  4. loris Says:

    I make a great sweet and sour sauce with them- Tomatoes,ginger,tamari,cider vinegar,and a soft date for sweetnes, blend and add chopped spring onion, so so good.

  5. Shakaya Breeze Says:

    I love worms too, just don’t eat them…hahahha
    just kidding, me and hunk-a-burnin’ love enjoy our kelp noodles, but our boys- no way! Your kids are heroes!

  6. Shakaya Breeze Says:

    btw, do they also eat the black seaweeds like kelp and hijiki and arame and wakame- somehow my boys love those and of course Nori and dulse…just wondered because seaweed would be so great for all kids if only we could get it into them!

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