mama magic

mi boyz didnt need 2 shower me with gifts 2day bcos they r mi gift


they didnt need 2 make me food, bcos their love is mi food


they didnt have 2 take me anywhere special cos we love where we R


2day was a day 4 saying *thankU mum* – i say *thankU* 4 mi 3 outrageously gorgeous boyz every day


kidz rave mix 4 download – so the 44 year olds can get down with the 4 year olds – we’ll dance 2gether as one family.


3 Responses to “mama magic”

  1. Angela Austin Says:

    We saw you out yesterday with your boys. But i felt shy to walk over and say hi ! Then thought in the car about what i woulds have said LOL so here goes…Hi my names is Angela, i have just started gabriel cousens 21 day plan and hope to then do a 92 day juice feast. We love your chocolate and your chocolate cake we ordered at christmas was fab. We are new to brighton, I read your blog and have a sence of connection as I homeschooled my kids through primary. Umm maybe next time I’ll have tho courage to say hiya !

  2. Doxtor Says:

    Yeah, I think Evie will marry Ethan. For sure after seeing him the other day. There was a spark, u know… x

  3. Ana Says:

    … that’s a great attitude! : )

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