sunday lunch

raising raw children doesnt mean living on lettuce & bananas! if their nutritional requirements arent being adequately met there is a genuine risk of impairing their physical & mental development & we don’t want that do we? mi boyz eat lots of greens, lots of seaweeds, lots of fats, & lots of superfoods. EVERY DAY.


ethan likes 2 eat with chopsticks. he had sea salad.


reuben had finished his already. he had kale.


zachary had avocado & broccoli & sauerkraut. he complained it didnt have enuf broccoli in so i had 2 put more in. he had 2 helpings.



i know u have all seen romanesco b4 but it is so beautiful it is always worth a picture.



2 Responses to “sunday lunch”

  1. catherine cury Says:

    Hello There!

    I am a stay at home mother of two boys ages 4 and 7. I have read and love your book Raw Living! I am TOTALLY AMAZED that you are preparing the most wonderful food for you and your family WHILE homeschooling your 3 boys along with all the other hats that you wear! I am having to learn and am enjoying this new way of eating as I have some health issues that are responding very well to my transition to raw. I am also wanting to provide my children with a homeschool education but am feeling challenged as to how to “do it all”! I would be most grateful for any insight that you could share!
    Catherine Cury

  2. lovemagick Says:

    hi catherine

    i am running a family class on may 30th if u can get here 🙂


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