im not just abt the cake, uno.

i reckon i could have eaten more spirulina & algae than anyone else in the uk.

here R mi MAIN MEALS 4 a week.

always sprinkled with lecithin, ionic minerals, crystal manna, & aulterra.


monday = kale, sauerkraut, indian pickle


tuesday = flax cracker, avo, tomato, mushroom, alfalfa


wednesday = watercress, alfalfa, avocado, purple corn, chilli, lemon


thursday = flax crackers, sesamayo, alfalfa


friday = didn’t hava propa meal, ate 2 many kale chips


saturday = sea spaghetti, avo, sesamayo, cacao nibs


sunday = gela brought me round sum kelp noodles. i marinated them in tamari, vinegar & oil, & smothered them in Seagreens. i sense a new addiction coming on.


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12 Responses to “WHAT DO U EAT?”

  1. jana Says:

    I love kelp noodles; can u get sum 4 your shop pls? 🙂

  2. Doxtor Says:

    Yes, do be careful with those kelp noodles. Casual kale use always leads to kelp addicion, I’ve tried telling people, but they don’t listen. x.’.x

  3. holly Says:

    WOW, an amazing, amazing diet you have…. xx

  4. sunday lunch « A Good Look Says:

    […] sunday lunch By lovemagick raising raw children doesnt mean living on lettuce & bananas! if their nutritional requirements arent being adequately met there is a genuine risk of impairing their physical & mental development & we don’t want that do we? mi boyz eat lots of greens, lots of seaweeds, lots of fats, & lots of superfoods. EVERY DAY. […]

  5. kerri Says:


  6. kerri Says:

    hi i have a 9 month old boy and want to boost his immune system any ideas

  7. kerri Says:

    ps love to you all have fond memories of you and the boys …lost your number kate but want to be RAW….you inspired me alot Yes i had a baby n love being a mum much love sunshine xx

  8. Barbara Says:

    Could you stock some raw breads please? Lovin’ Biscru – great for travelling in a hot car.xxx

  9. lovemagick Says:

    we wld love 2 stock raw bread but no-one in the uk makes it! stop with all the raw chocolate companies & sum1 please start making sumthing else 4 us 2 enjoy. bread, cereal, cookies, i know we wld sell loads…xx

  10. Katie Says:


    I want to try kelp noodles.

  11. Katie Says:



  12. lovemagick Says:

    2day i made spaghetti bolognese with the kelp noodles! ill post a recipe soon….

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