i heart corrilyn

she may have invented wotsits, but i made up shazzle dazzle. it happened bcos i got a new phone & i was making up silly names 4 everyone in the address book. shazzle dazzle suits her perfectly, she cums in a room & just dazzles everyone by spilling her shininess all ova them & leaving them a bit speechless. she can’t help it.


the doxtor happened when she was on mi kitchen sofa, being interviewed by the bbc. they had some doctors on saying that detox is a myth. & she said, “i think doctors R a myth, i haven’t seen one in years.” we worked out we R doxtors, that is, someone who advocates u take responsibility 4 ur own health rather than disempowering u with Latin words & pharmaceutical hideousness.


corrilyn, on the other hand, is a world un2 herself. i didnt have a hand in corrilyn, but i love 2 encourage her.


i am convinced ms holdstock’s destiny is 2 have her own chat show, a unique mix of shooting stars, jonathon ross, and mrs merton, all pureed 2 perfection in her vitamix with a cup of cosmic wisdom & a spoon of spirituality. i have visions of her on a sofa, or standing with a clipboard, dazzling everyone. i hope she’ll have me on as a guest sometimes.


we r wildly different people, me & shaz, but we have a few things in common. one of them is our inability 2 obey convention. most people expect presents on their birthdays. our sharon tips that tired old format on its head, and instead announces THE WORLD’S BIGGEST RAW FOOD GIVEAWAY.

someone asked me the other day if i always knew i’d end up in the field of nutrition and healing. i said, i haven’t ended up anywhere. this is just the beginning! the same is very true of shazzie.


go girlfriend. 



2 Responses to “i heart corrilyn”

  1. Doxtor Says:

    I was expecting you to pop out of a cake. You keep disappointing me. 😉

  2. Shakaya Breeze Says:

    Omgosh you 2 gurls are just incorrylinageable ahahaha! I wanna play with you xoxox

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