chocmas dinner

last week i made christmas dinner 4 sum lovely ladies


we started off with nori kings


4 main course we had Chocmas Loaf, Kalicious, Maca Mash, and Gorgeous Gravy



dessert was Matrix Tart with Queen of Creams


My top tips 4 a raw christmas R 

b realistic – if u no u cant resist sumthing dont even try. love those mince pies! appreciate those kettle chips! dont force them down in a wave of low self-esteem, transmute their toxins with love & gratitude.


if u’re going 2 eat cooked food, eat sum raw foods first. if u can eat more than 50 % raw it will lessen the impact. hava smoothie b4 u go out 4 dinner, hava salad with ur turkey or a raw loaf with ur roast potatoes. pour cashew cream ova ur trifle, or raw chocolate sauce ova ur mince pies.


make raw substitutes as much as possible – in mi books there R recipes 4 christmas cake, christmas puddings , mince pies and trifle. Lots of savouries like christmas coleslaw, parsnip mash, hemp gravy, and nut loafs that can make a filling dinner. Keep the raw chocolate at hand & not the Quality Street & M&S gateaux.


Whateva u end up eating, make sure it includes lots of superfoods. When you’ve got maca, cacao, algae, suma, and he shou wu inside U, u’ll b out-sparkling the fairy on the top of the tree.


ps chocmas is 4 those of us who believe evry day shld b about giving presents, eating delicious food, being with our loved ones, & peace & goodwill 2 all men, NOT JUST ONE DAY A YEAR!!






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4 Responses to “chocmas dinner”

  1. Loris Says:

    Mmmmm this all looks yummy! Thankx for the tipsxxxx

  2. cityboy Says:


  3. noyz Says:


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