wld U like a poisoned apple mi dear?

at halloween, reuben dressed up as a troll & he wanted apples as props. we bought sum non-organic ones, & then afta halloween, i didnt no wat 2 do with them. so they sat on the cabinet, waiting. it’s now at least 6 wks since we bought them, & they do not seem 2 hav aged at all. WAT IS IN THEM?

whateva it is, i do not want in mi body, & i wld not wish it in anyone elses




2 Responses to “wld U like a poisoned apple mi dear?”

  1. noyz Says:

    they look alright to me.theyre not cooking apples
    are they?they really dont tatse nice.obviously if
    your hungry enough you’d probably eat your own

  2. goodbye wicked witch « A Good Look Says:

    […] wicked witch By lovemagick i decided 2 throw mi poisoned apples […]

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