someone gave me a bad review on amazon. i dont no wat planet he is from, but i thought on earth the custom is 2 make tea with boiling water. now boiling water gives me the giggles.

one of my favrite ways 2 use boiling water is in macaffee.


maca is a peruvian root vegetable which gives us energy and stamina


we have it in dried, powdered form, and take anything from a teaspoon to a tablespoon at a time.


we put it in smoothies, milks, mayonnaise, chocolate, cakes, and it also makes a great coffee substitute.


u need a teaspoon of maca



a splash of agave


a pinch of crystal salt


and BOILING WATER !!!! dsc05366

photos by ethan



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5 Responses to “BOILING WATER !!!!”

  1. Emma Says:

    i just had a nose at that review, pretty loopy! lol

  2. Doxtor Says:

    Boiling water! Kate Magic, what were you thinking?

  3.!... Says:


  4. Munchkin Says:

    Doesn’t boiling water kill enzymes?

  5. kate magic Says:

    munchkin, apparently that’s what folks say, but i’ve yet been able to find out the exact science behind it. if you can point me to any articles or videos about it i wld appreciate that. i dont understand how u can destroy the wonderful hydrating properties of water by heating it. if we are on a raw food diet AND taking enzyme supplements, which i do, then surely the lack of enzymes in water is not crucial? But the benefits we get from drinking warm liquids, especially those which have been infused with healing herbs, is huge.

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