fraser clark

fraser is a very old & dear friend of mine who has become seriously ill


evolution magazine 1990

i first met fraser in 1989. along with his good friend james, they helped me contextualise the experiences i was having as a teenager.


until 1988, i had been a very nihilistic teenager, & as i began 2 wake up 2 a different vision of what mi life cld b, at times it was mindblowing. i believed all this stuff in mi heart – abt love & harmony, abt positivity & magic, abt creating a better world & entering a new age – but at times i thought i must b mad when i tried 2 articulate it 2 people around me.


me at fraser’s wisdom weekender camp, 1990 ( i think)

fraser & james helped confirm 4 me that mi insights were relevant, & led me 2 discover other great thinkers who helped formulate mi thoughts – mckenna, leary, ram dass & many more.


there is a benefit 4 fraser at heaven on thurs, pls come along if u R in london, it’s going 2 b an amazing nite



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One Response to “fraser clark”

  1. noyz Says:

    ‘god grooves in mysterious ways’
    i remember this was one of the profoundly cool
    things that i heard poly say(that was kates name
    around about that time).so thats religion to me
    and i’m very much devoted like other people believe
    in world religions that are dead and dont mean
    anything @ all.fuck them.i actually met the prophet
    personally and she is so much better than any of that
    not an ordinary person.i was in the presence of divinity
    :4 real

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