kiss it

Kiss mi Ass is a very personal response 2 the culture we inhabit which still values women as trophies, objects 2 be owned, and has yet 2 come 2 terms with the real virtues of a strong woman.

As John Lennon said, *woman is the nigger of the world…sadly this is still true 40 years later, but it is time 4 change!


For the Kiss It pieces,  I took the original piece, Kiss mi Ass, and photographed it on the graffiti wall where the original images were shot. i then took the new images, and graffited over those. The Kiss It pieces thus blur the distinction between subject and object 2 the point where hopefully it is no longer possible 2 separate the 2. The objectification process has been nullified.


There are 3 Kiss It pieces –

*the predominant conception of objectification

*the power & nobility of a strong woman

*undervalued & underappreciated & im not scared


u can c the pieces in more detail, & purchase them, at mi etsy shop




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