88 – the untold story of a revolution

what takes up most of mi time at the moment, apart from mi children & mi house & raw foods &&& is mi 88 book.

it’s abt the original acid house scene in london in 1988-92 & how it had a massive cultural influence on how we live now which i feel is tragically undervalued & unappreciated. so many of the freedoms we enjoy now, so much of our growing holistic consciousness, came out of that wave of breath-taking heart-stopping energy that was the rave scene before it became criminalised sanitised & sold bac 2 us in a massively diluted form.

& so much more than that, just abt anything anyone says these days i can bring bac 2 mi book & the unstoppable force that that particular form of the basic human need 2 ingest mind-altering substances and party unleashed on the world. i cld go on 4 a long time which is why i am writing a book so 4 now i will stop & just show u some pictures.

artwork by the scoobie doobies who r doing the main artwork 4 mi book

these r mi b4 & afta pictures – the 1st one is from a magazine beginning of 88 – the 2nd is from i-D  in 1991 

spiral tribe r one of the main focuses of the book & mark spiral gave 1 of the most intresting interviews

me in 88



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