big k8 little k8

the earth & stars is an organic pub in windsor street, in the north laines of brighton

if u visit the upstairs room u can c an exhibition of mi art

its a series of 18 collages abt how we all hav 2 sides 2 ourselves, the part that feels scared & alone in the big bad world, & the part that nos it is infinite eternal & all powerful

& how magic happens when these 2 parts learn 2 dance 2getha

u can buy mi prints at 




One Response to “big k8 little k8”

  1. Melina Says:

    Hello Kate,

    I just watched the three part mini-documentary called Health Food Junkies. They totally put a negative spin on our lifestyles, but we know the truth.

    Anyway, what interested me is how you said that an apple or fresh-squeezed orange juice would be a treat for your kids, because you keep them on low-sugar. I am wondering if you could give me a sample day of their diet and/or your diet, just so I can get an idea of how you keep it low-fruit. I feel I do better on low-sugar but I am kinda new to this, so it would be helpful to get some ideas.

    Keep up the magick! I love your art!

    All Love. XO.


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