kiss mi ass

its basically abt the objectification of women & the prostitution of the artist

abt how i often feel undervalued  & overlooked in mi daily life

how many children does a girl need 2 have 2 get respect in our culture? how many books does she need 2 write?
maybe i shld just take the easy road & flash mi bum 2 get sum attention round here

i can currently b found selling mi body in order 2 feed mi children on ebay


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One Response to “kiss mi ass”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hey K8, I resonate so much with what you say, although I’m not sure about having kids to get respect – there are plenty of lonely and lost teenage girls who have done that. I was hoping that the raw food movement contributes to a shift in perceptions about women, otherwise what’s the point if you’re still an abusive, misogynistic fucker who only thinks about themselves? Sounds like we might have a way to go? I vaguely recall reading something from Markus Rothkranz along these lines.

    If I’ve got this post all wrong – I LOVE your blog and I am so keen to hear more from you. I love your sparkly-ness. Keep shining.

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