i went 2 “be never to busy to be beautiful” in carnaby street & had my make up done.

i felt like nick rhodes or boy george.

i felt a bit stupid but i enjoyed it, id prefer 2 b stupid than normal.

then i went 2 saf the new raw food restaurant in curtain street & we went 2 benji b at gramaphone. it was a very exciting day. the best part was the hotel in kings cross. 

this was the sign in reception. i knew i was in the right place.

i wont go in2 detail abt the establishment, but heres the view out of the window which kind of says it all.

last one – its a sign of the times –  brixton


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3 Responses to “laaandon”

  1. HeavenlyScarlett Says:

    LOVE this blog!!!


  2. Ysanne Says:

    you look so Beautiful! (and that’s not really to do with the make-up)

  3. Ronan Says:

    Nice room with a view – is it true that regulars get a discount?

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